Photography Student, Camping City, Arles Photo, France.

by iainmckell

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My iphone has some how deleted my notes, so I cant remember her name. She’s on a College trip at Arles studying photography from Germany but originally from Turkey. Her brief from her art collage teacher was to street cast some one from Arles festival and photograph them naked.

She agreed to sit for me and sparked a rolly and we chatted. Her past had been troubled but she was over it now and excited about her life. Her pale skin and warm hair was at odds with the strong Arles light that Van Gogh loved. Her red hair and troubled intense eyes of a young artist reminded me of the Van Gogh’s corn field with crows rising in flight.

I asked about her tattoos. The swallow was that she had flown the nest from her parents and the diamond a bright shiny future and Love Fucks ..well it does doesn’t it?

I asked her if she would go naked for me, she said no as she was not comfortable with her body.