Arles Photo

by iainmckell


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_S257180Tensions build bewteen me and Dougie

_DSF7272cropped I met Molly after having a dose in a cafe. I woke up as she came and sat opposite me. I noticed her Doc Martines she was wearing that meant she was from the UK. We got talking. Molly was from London. Dropped out of 1st year Fine Art at St Martins Art Collage to intern for French Magnum Photographer Antoine D’Agata. He won the Best book price at Arles photo this year. I think she’s following her instincts well. She then told me about a project she did at collage where she posted an add online for a middle aged male to collaborate by phone and he was to instructed her to take pictures of her self directing her of what to and how to photograph her while she filmed the whole thing. He was apparently not aware it was an Art project. No wonder she wants to intern for Antoine D’Agata.