A Dutch women with bicycle, A man drinking and a floating lamp shade.

by iainmckell

Walking down Portobello Road yesterday minding my own business looking for good images for my Blog project. Im focusing on West london right now and in particular Portobello Road before i move to East London in December. Any one who has been following me will have noticed that for the last few months Portobello features the most. I spend a few hours every other day working the street. Its so interesting the people, colours and character of the place just lifts your spirit. Just like Hugh Grant in the film Nottinghill he makes that same walk as do a lot of people in reality its not just a fiction of a movie. Is a great walk and reminds me of my teens when I lived in Weymouth and as an Art Student in my summer holidays working as a see side Photographer strolling up and down the promenade looking for people and things to photograph. So the parallel to Weymouth my roots and ‘right of passage’ into photography is echoed and comforts me in the Portobello works.